Drums & Dreams

Wolf drumThe newest medicine drum. <3

Alliteration. Yeah. Yeah, I just did that. ;D

Things have been wonderfully busy-busy since my last post! Spirit art clients are picking up (I actually have a backlog, now! 😀 ) I will get to all of you wonderful souls as soon as humanly possible ~ thank you so much for your trust in me!

I’m working daily on my freelance contract for the game, which is actually a lot of fun. I’ve wanted to work on a game since I was a kid, enraptured with my NES… Around 1998-2001 I hung around in #rpgmaker.net on IRC and made some friends and played with making a few personal games in RPGMaker98, so I had the theory and experience down, at any rate, but this is the first time I’m getting paid for it. w00t! 😀

I’m also crafting… well… last night I just finished making a drum, the one from my post entitled ‘Giving Birth’. Still need to do the final touches, eg., the matte varnish to help protect it, and doing a final smudging and blessing. And then I get to hold it and cuddle it until November, before it goes to its new home. I’m exceedingly happy with the way this one turned out, a perfect harmony of drum and beater and hide. It’s going to make a lot of Good Medicine.

Additionally, last week I dropped off three paintings for a local exhibition at the Global Art League in Montreal:


brandywoods-mookaite-prints brandywoods-red-cloud-dsf-prints brandywoods-red-fox-afternoon-nap-p2k-prints


…and I’m needing to poke Dawson again for more details, as I was also accepted to a First Nations exhibition at the college, for early November.

I had a wonderful validation the other day, as well, when a client confirmed my reading; I’d sensed that the person was a healer, and that the gift had been inherited from their grandfather. I received a letter back saying that they were a Reiki practitioner and indeed had suspected that this was inherited from their grandfather! I did a little happy dance — validation is wonderful when you’re just starting out as a medium (…am I a medium? I’ve always felt more like a shaman, but in a sense the two of them can kind of overlap…) and hearing peoples’ reactions is always the best part for me. <3

In other news, I want to extend a huge thank-you to Amanda Linette Meder for featuring me in her community newsletter! <3

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