Ghost Stories

Ghost Orbs

The past few days, I’ve been dreaming about ghosts and spirits… I remember vaguely, a face in front of me, white outlines of eyes, facial features, hair… blooming into color and turning real, and my dream-self, jaw dropped, stunned at this sudden full-bodied sight of a ghost girl, talking to me…

I have not, as far as I can remember, ever seen a ghost, though I’d definitely consider myself sensitive and have several distinctly creepy memories, both from growing up, and in the past year. The ghost dreams made me think about posting about one of my current freelance projects.

Paranormal Encounters seriesI’ve been working with Kelly Schutz since January, on a series of illustrated paranormal encounter books.  Having recently gotten my contributor copies, I was finally able to read about what I’d been drawing… Definitely some interesting, thought-provoking stuff. She doesn’t tell you what to believe, but rather presents her experiences, often with accompanying photos, and lets you decide. Lots of info in the back, too, about techniques, tools, debunking… Definitely worth checking out if you’re at all interested in the subject.

And if you’re subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, you can even read the books for free, here! (Nope, I don’t get a cut, hahaha, but I worked on the books so I’m proud of them!)

I’m currently working on sketches for books 6 and 7, and one of my own personal experiences is in book 5 (Hanging Around)… So while I guess working on a sketch before bed can explain last night’s strange dreams, it doesn’t explain the manifesting ghost girl the other day… hmmm…

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