= Healing =


Hello, blessed souls. <3 I’ve been meaning, for a while now, to post an update for everyone who might be wondering why I’m taking a break from soul portraits.

September of last year saw the end of an 8-year relationship that brought me out of the USA and into Canada, as well as many other changes in my life. I was getting requests for portraits not long after the breakup, and I realized I was not remotely in a position to help others at that time. Time and separation have made me realize the reality of the emotional abuse and multiple narcissists that I was dealing with, and, while I’ve come a fair ways in reclaiming my power since I moved out, I still feel I’ve a bit of a way to go before I’m ready to return to helping others. Needs must, after all, fill one’s own cup before one can help others without getting drained. I most definitely will return to the work on this site — perhaps it will even evolve into something else even more wonderful.

Rest assured that I have dear friends helping me find myself again along my path, and that I am indeed healing. My love to you, and I thank you for your patience. <3

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