Ravyn Phelan’s Dreams of Gaia Tarot

Oh my gosh-ness. OMG. How much change one day can bring.

So I did do the reading, using the deck above — the Dreams of Gaia tarot (not actually a tarot deck). I’ve used the deck twice, counting this time, and both times it’s called me out. I asked why the weekend had gone the way it did, and it gave me cards about an imbalance between mind and body, ‘thoughts’ (echoing that first card), ‘a time of sharing’ which also dealt very strongly with ‘responsibility to children’… On Saturday I was aided by my stepdaughter, and that was probably the most in-depth we’ve talked in a while… and ‘accept that you will falter’ and ‘just be you’ and not holding oneself up to an impossible ideal. I mean, dude, called out by a deck of cards. 🙂

This morning I managed to snag a Breyer horse I’d been wanting, for way less than retail. And I’m informed that my French-test-for-Canadian-residency results came in at B2 — precisely where I needed to be.

In my first month’s membership, I won a free consultation with Amanda Lynn Meder. Spirit must really want me to get a reading done!

Two people inquired about soul and spirit guide portraits.

And then I got a wolf sounds CD in the mail, along with a big box of crystals from Sage Goddess.

And at 4pm I was officially hired for a freelance job working on an indie game. Following a few intuitive prompts during the Skype interview, I totally hit it off with the boss lady.

Man. Today restored my trust in Spirit. So, so grateful. <3

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