My Adventures at the Psychic Fair

…Well, sortof. It was technically a salon/exposition. With lots of different sellers and booths and services, and, for some bizarre reason, a tattoo guy was set up next to me.

Salon Entre 2 Mondes 2016Look at all the pretties!! <3

A few months ago I took a major leap of faith and reserved a table at Le Salon Entre 2 Mondes (‘The Exposition Between Two Worlds’, for those of you who don’t speak French). At the time I didn’t know how I was going to get there (over an hour and a half away by public transit, and I would have to rent a car for the weekend — which would cost just as much as the table — and I would have to drive in the city, something I’ve never done) …or how I would man the table alone, or who would be able to help me, or if I could even do the show in French, cause while I understand it pretty well and speak almost as decently, there’s always been a confidence issue, there, nevermind that I’ve been in Quebec for 6 years now. Anyways. Lots of fears and uncertainties. Leap of faith. Taken. Table reserved and paid for.

Then almost two weeks ago I catch a cold. Which turns into some sort of sinus infection, worst 1-2 days before I need to go pick up said car. Cue panic attacks, cause here’s me trying to figure out a price list and get things ready and be able to concentrate to drive and I can barely think straight due to drugs and congestion. Always fun. On Thursday I had the worst sinus pressure evar. I was vaguely decent on Friday for the setup. Saturday I was almost ok. Still congested here on Monday, though. Car has been returned. And my head was killing me last night. (Base of skull, which isn’t that a major seat of power in shamanism? That thought made me go hmmmm. I might need to schedule a session with ‘my’ shaman soon…)

I made all of one transaction over the entire weekend, which I am grateful for (thank you so much, J!!) and I’ll upload those spirit guide portraits soon, but I’m left wresting with the ‘why’s of everything. ‘I took a leap of faith’. ‘I thought this is what I was supposed to be doing’. ‘Nobody noticed me’. ‘Were my prices too high? But I’m worth that.’ And just a general, great big ‘WTF, Spirit?’ I guess in a sense it was a triumph for me to even go there and put myself out as ‘Ok, I’m here, I’m intuitive, this is my gift and I put it out for the world to see!’ …but at the same time I’m wondering what went wrong, because that seemed like my perfect market. I had more interest when I was doing a session at Pierres D’Ailleurs (see that blog entry here) with random people off the street. Not only did two people actively ask me what I was even offering, cause my table was so ‘random’, but that little Quetzalcoatl statue on the table broke, no less. And nobody seemed interested in the soul portraits. So I shall have to sit down and do a card reading for myself this afternoon, see if I can work through this and figure out what the next step is.

My wonderful mother insists that it’s just a detour or speedbump because I’m on the right path. I’ll see what the cards say.

Ok, so I got to talk to some very nice people, and everyone was vastly impressed by the feathers (they always seem to be an eye-catcher) but… not remotely how I expected my weekend go to.

Everything on ze table & back wall is still for sale, if anyone is interested in ‘adopting’. 🙂  I also have two unpainted drums that I didn’t finish in time to bring with me — in addition to the Elen of the Ways drum displayed there, that special lady that was born on last Halloween during the full moon, when the veil was thin. It’s a faerie shaman drum, that one.

Here’s the two others up for adoption; they can be painted with what the drum itself wants, or your own vision, or a combination. If the drum calls to you, I can do an intuitive artwork for you which will make it very special:

img_0430    img_2048

At left: 15″ horse and cedar. At right: 13″ bison and willow oak. The bison seems to want White Buffalo Calf Woman medicine painted on it.

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