#1 Podcast Ratings! :D

As some of you may know, I’ve had the honor of illustrating various real-life stories from Dr. Kelly Schutz’s Paranormal Encounters book series.  (More info can be found here about ordering copies, or you can search on Amazon.)  I recently also had the honor of being invited to do an interview on her Podcast radio show. I’m told that this particular episode of the podcast has almost exceeded the #1 episode she’s had before she started broadcasting! That’s amazing! 😀  (Want to help us make that one even more popular, guys?)

Permalink is here: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/krschutz1paranormalencounters/episodes/2017-06-30T07_01_23-07_00

It is absolutely free to listen, download, or subscribe. This show has also aired on the Para-X Radio Network. 😀

I discuss a few encounters I’ve had with spirits over the course of my life and also talk about my spirit art and soul portraits, as well as future projects. Give it a listen! <3

(Yes, that one book is titled ‘My Enemy’s Head’. No, I don’t have anyone in my sights. It’s a Viking Age historical novel. XD )

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