Review – Daily Spiritual Practice Planner

So, I recently became aware of the existence of My Daily Spiritual Practice Planner for 2017, from Rory & Scout. (You can get yours here, but only until Dec. 12th! ) I already keep a journal, and don’t consider myself much of a ‘planner’ person (I keep To Do lists, but don’t hold myself to a timeline…) but at the same time I was intrigued, and I had a free shipping coupon, so I figured, why not? ;D

It arrived today, with a free quartz crystal no less, so I’ve had a little time to peruse it and here’s what I think:

Overall, it’s a nice size and the cover is a nice lavender and soft to the touch (and boy is it hefty! It’s gonna stay on the desk; I sure won’t be traveling anywhere with it… just taking out pages.) There’s pouches on the inside covers for Stuff, and I’m not sure what will go there yet, apart from the included info cards.

The pages themselves are allllmost fountain-pen-friendly (yes, this was my first order of importance, hahaha.) Tiny bit of show-through on the back of the pages but definitely tolerable. It came with a Papermate but that will go into the kitchen pen cup. 😉


There’s a lot of info and blanks on each page. I love the Gratitude List section, as keeping a daily list is something I’ve been wanting to get back to, but haven’t. (It’s one of the things that sold me on the planner.) Like most planners, there’s a section for Today’s Schedule and a To-Do list. Apart from that, we have a small section for Dreams (waaaaay too small, really, except I already keep a separate notebook on my nighttable for that purpose…), daily/weekly intentions, a section to write how you intend to feel that day, a suggestion for a Tarot/oracle card draw and space to note the cards and (extremely briefly) the message, and a Notes section. Each day also has a different mantra, meditation or mindfulness practice, or suggestion for a crystal or essential oil to work with, and to note your results or reactions. Using the notes section to keep track of a keyword from your spiritual guides might also be interesting… shame there’s no room for a little blank square to doodle images in. 😉

As noted, there’s not a huge amount of space (especially if your handwriting tends to the larger side) but it makes a good jumping-off point for journalling, imo, and a tiny, daily bit of spiritual practice as one wishes. (Let’s face it, even the most dedicated among us are probably not going to do a 12-card spread and write 5 journal pages every single day…) Overall, I’m looking forward to starting to work with this planner, and looking back over it over the course of the year to see how my intuition has developed might be interesting. It was indeed a little on the pricey side for someone who doesn’t really use a planner, but I guess that’s part and parcel of a self-published book with custom leatherette covers. Overall, it’s very nicely constructed, can’t fault that.

Here’s to the New Year! <3

(And if you go by Rory & Scout, check out their Aura Readings, too…)

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