Reiki Journeys

I feel a little strange at the announcement of myself as a Reiki Master. It’s a bit like when I got my black belt and I simply felt like a beginner on a new journey. “I’m not a master at all — I’m still very much learning!”

It’s funny how I came to Reiki. It was something I toyed with the idea of doing for a few years, but never got around to it. And then I had gotten an aura reading done by Rory & Scout wherein it was noted that they saw the Reiki master symbol, and told me, “I don’t know if you work with Reiki, but I feel you already do! If not, maybe you should look into it!” Ok, ok, guides, I felt that “clue-by-four”.

Cue a month of trying to find a teacher and constantly being told the classes were full, or not receiving a contact back at all, etc., etc. I sat down with my guides. Ok, if you want me to learn this, I need some help here. The next day, I found a home study course. I discovered that one of my guides was actually, silly me, an energy worker! So I asked for an attunement that night while I slept. I dove into a few books on Reiki, including The Reiki Magic Guide to Self-Attunement and Reiki for Life. I took all I’d learned and did self-treatements. Lo — my hands got hot, and I felt reactions in, say, my stomach, when my hands were placed on my shoulders! I did a few treatments on my mother, who said my hands felt “like ice cubes” on her, and to me they felt hot. She felt shifts of energy at the exact moment I used a symbol — without having her eyes open to know.

Any further attempts at getting an “official” attunement continue to fail. That’s a pretty clear sign of ‘you don’t need that’ !

And, lo, when I learned that that same Reiki master symbol that was seen all that time ago was for healing the soul, and for migraines. Oh. Well. And I wondered why I put off the third degree for so long. Silly me.

I continue to do my self-treatments. I find them best before bed; I place my hands on my stomach and let Reiki flow, gently, until I fall asleep.

I’ve recently felt the nudge to do more, and I will be offering Reiki healing sessions, soon, on the site. Stay tuned. <3


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