Soul Portraits

Each of these portraits are unique, like the souls they represent. They are intended to help you see your own inner light from a different perspective, to help you find your center and your personal power. They may include past life influences, spirit guides, helpers, or angels, totem animals, aura or chakra colors, or even messages for you from Spirit — I have drawn things that meant nothing in particular to me but worlds to the recipient. 🙂

I’ve had some amazing reactions from people to seeing their portraits, especially those that are sensitive to seeing energy, so if you feel the nudge from Spirit to get one done, I’ll just need a recent photo of you (just you, no group shots please!) as well as your full name, so that I can connect with your energy.

Imagine a soul portrait… as a wedding present… anniversary gift… new mothers… what a wonderful way to show the connection between two souls!
For special sizes or events, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be happy to work with you. <3

soul-portrait-jb md-soul-portrait-oct chase-brown

Soul Portrait - The Huntress   Soul Portrait   Soul Portrait   Soul Portrait

Soul Portrait   Soul Portrait   Soul Portrait  Soul Portrait 

soul portrait - r  soul portrait - judi   Billie Jean and Raya   brandy woods soul portrait 7-16-16_01  

brandy woods soul portrait 7-16-16_02   brandy woods soul portrait 7-16-16_03   brandy woods soul portrait 7-16-16_04   brandy woods soul portrait 7-16-16_05      

brandy woods soul portrait 7-16-16_06   brandy woods soul portrait 7-16-16_07   soul-portrait-tree  

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