Some words of love & appreciation from my clients! <3  Any testimonials would be welcome - please indicate if you would prefer to be anonymous or not! <3

” I just got the soul portrait today and thank you so much!!!! Wow, first of all, it was gorgeous and the little moon(?) detail on my head and such really struck out to me. I’m very connected with both the moon and crystals and the fact that you picked up on my goals as well was incredible. I also am an indigo child, so that was amazing to see how you picked that up! The part about spreading peace was very accurate as well since humanity’s well-being is very dear to me. Everything was just very overall uplifting and I’m beyond impressed 😊 I loved working with you and thank you for your time and kindness!” ~Samantha C.

” OMGah!  From the moment I saw the picture, it resonated with me simply because it makes sense!  I wasn’t surprised that my Guide was masculine. For some reason, I think my Spirit Guides name is Paul.  I named him, ha! I doubt if they care one way or another but the kicker is vines are growing in my backyard and I get butterflies! Not too long ago I had a swarm from head to toe.  They stayed with me as I walked.  It was like a scene out of a movie but my life!

My Spirit Guide is always with me, the portrait picture is on my phone screen on my desk and eyes that behold the Spirit Guide Portrait say that is so beautiful, they feel love pouring out of the drawing.

For myself, it’s a Fatherly love which is so important to me at this time.  Being partially hidden reminds me of my father that has transitioned. “You do the research…I’m going to guide you, but you need to do the work. ” Ahh so precious to me…my heart.

If you’re on the fence about getting a portrait…just get it!  It’ll be unique to you and your vibration. I can’t thank you enough Brandy, your talent makes a difference!  Thank you!”  ~Kim B., California

“I’m having so much fun with this. I love stars but being in the city I cloud gaze instead.  My head is always upward.

Apparently I had no idea you had emailed me again.  I had looked up Ancient Egypt, like I said me & my Dad discussed this and I read to him when he went blind, about Egypt.  He was a Mason.  It relates.

Immediately I hit on Imhotep, I kid you not, even before reading your words.  Nothing around it pulled me in except that name.  I’m going to look up the other name too.

I love to write, but you know fanfics for fun, never tried to cultivate it.  Caregiver even today, it’s a part of me.  Ha…I guess so!  But what stood out is his loyalty, a gentleness about him and lastly his getting taken out by a sneaky bully…stab in the kidney…I have the slightest issue with my kidneys, nothing that needs meds or anything, just watching.

Wow, the synchronicity is mind blowing!  I knew I was ancient, I feel like I’m an old soul who can’t remember is all.

Thank you from my higher heart!  Keep doing what you do because it inspires.”   ~Kim B., California

“Brandy!! I LOVE IT!!!! I can not wait to see it in person! I’m like, looking at a picture of me! Oh my gosh you made my day!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 " ~R. D.

“Hi Brandy,

I received my package today.   I cannot thank you enough.   The drawing is amazing and the reading made so much sense.   And, it was so beautifully written.   Thank you.   I will treasure it always.

I have to tell you two more things about my reading.  First, you mentioned an odd impression about my finger on my left hand, like I was missing a finger or part of a finger.  Hinted it might be relationship related.  I laughed because what I think you were picking up on was the fact that I ended a 17-year relationship about two years ago but still wear my diamond ring on my left hand.  I could not believe it.  I think you were conveying a clear message!!

Also, one of your last sentences indicated you heard “go for it”.  Well, I was in Galveston in April and had an angel reading done by a local medium.  The very last thing she said was that my angels said, “go for it”.  So I have heard the exact message twice in a few months.   Now I have no idea what “it” is but I am anxious and excited to figure it out!”   ~A. S

“Any one would like to know what their soul looks like? Brandy does some amazing portraits of the person’s soul. Once you look at the finished product, you will be wowed by the energy emitting from it for she channels your spirit guides through her and into your portrait.” ~Julia M.

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