Spirit Feathers

Spirit animals, totems, power animals, animal guides… These beings are here to help us on our life journey. They may stay with us our entire lives, or come in for a brief moment when we need their help to learn a lesson or deal with a particular life challenge.

It’s unknown how many animals will show up in a reading, but know that the animal spirits are ready to work with you!

Tree, Sun, Eagle and Badger   Dreamkeepers   Phoenix Sun

I also do totem animal feather paintings. You may request an animal in particular, or I can ask Spirit which guide will help you most at the moment.

For your convenience, there is an ordering link at the bottom of this page. 🙂

chippy    chippy3   chippy2    

   Barn Owl and Wolf   Cougar   Magpies   Jaguar Feather   Buffalo and Red-Tailed Hawk Feather   Barn Owl Feather   Bluebird Feather  brandy woods cardinal feather   Bear Feather   Chickadee on Turkey Feather   Spirit Bear, Sea Turtle and Hummingbird   brandy woods dusky dolphin feather   Red Fox  

Painted Feather – North America Only

Painted Feather – Rest of the World

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